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Your camera streams to smart information

We specialize in digital camera stream analysis. No need to hire expensive human eyes, or third party software that you don't know

Camera Streams

Almost any stream config is possible.


We integrate your IoT.

Hardware integration

If possible we stay close to your hardware or even would process new hardware and integrate it with tiny layers.


Why reinvent the wheel if a third party has certain solutions for your requirements.

When your camera's need to deliver concise information

We have the skills and tools and developers, to setup your camera streams and analysis in such a way, that you get the filtered alerts that you want to see (as much as possible).

In short:

  • We use correct algorithm(s)
  • Have the good price/performing storage backend
  • Give you the reporting tools

Why choose us

We are a family company, led by two brothers, who are very comitted to builing and using beautiful software that makes customers happy.


Using a long experience of development, we choose professional ci/cd, devop, coding practises that allow use to deliver and improve when needed.

Security & privacy

From the ground up, build privacy compliant software which also is very hack-resistent.

Secure & Reliable

We only sell what we trust. Even if you (unknowingly) would request features that are suspicious or outdated (obselete) we would tell you. Responsibility is above profit.

  • Recent software utilisation
  • Latest Technology
  • Justified but reasonable Rates
  • Support contract(s)

Our software runs 24x7 on (or attached to) your selected IO


  • Customized dashboards
  • Watchdog services
  • Alerts
  • Troubleshooting

Meet our expert Team

Peter Nierop & Egbert Nierop are your experts and points of contact for your precious project(s).

Egbert Nierop


peter nierop
Peter Nierop


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